UiPath Integration Service 21.12 Release with Triggers General Availability

UiPath Integration Service 21.12 Release with Triggers General Availability

We are very excited to announce the General Availability (GA) of Triggers, a set of new Connectors and additional features for our Integration Service December release.

Our 21.12 release includes:

  • 10 new connectors available in our Connector Catalog
  • Triggers General Availability to kick off your automations based on connector events
  • Trigger history allowing you to see events received and processes executed
  • Ability to rename triggers and connections in the Integration Service interface
  • Ability to see triggers attached to connection in the connection details

The Integration Service brings managed integration with a robust catalog of Connectors for UiPath Automation Cloud. Read more about the Integration Service here.

New Connectors

The December release adds 10 new connectors to the Integration Service. We have many more connectors in store and are excited to rapidly expand our Connector Catalog going into the new year.

  • Act 365!
  • Coupa
  • Dropbox
  • Dropbox for Business
  • Expensify
  • Freshservice
  • Jira
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Twilio
  • Zendesk

All these connectors will be available in your tenant by EOD December 20th, in addition to all previously released connectors in the catalog with many more to come in 2022!

Triggers General Availability

Triggers are now live across the available connectors in the catalog. Triggers allow you to kick off your automations based on an event happening in a third-party application using available Connectors in the Integration Service.

The new trigger details page contains your configuration information and a trigger attempts’ history to see when events were received and if your automation was successfully triggered. A link is available so you can easily go to Orchestrator to see the execution details of the triggered job.

You can rename your trigger to provide an name that allows you to easily identify your trigger. Simply hover over the name in the trigger list view and click the edit icon to change the name. This action can also be performed from the trigger detail view.

To learn everything about triggers and how to leverage them in your automation, check out our step-by-step guide here.

Connections Updates

Triggers are attached to an active connection for your third-party application connector. The connection details view has been enhanced so you can see all the attached triggers for your connection.

Triggers can be added straight from the connection view which will pre-populate the Connector and Connection configuration to save you some time.

We now allow you to rename your Connection so you can replace the autogenerated name with a more descriptive name when desired. Simply hover over the name in the connections list view and click the edit icon to change the name. This action can also be performed from the connection detail view.

To learn everything about Connections, check out our documentation here.

Happy holidays and see you in 2022!


This is awesome!!

Excited to see new things keep coming to Integration Service!

@gdesouter better late than never we applied this feature and it is great. However, one thing is missing to use the full potential of integration triggers.

I recommend adding one further layer. In our case we use salesforce and it would be nice to not start a project if any record is updated in the configuration but if we could specify it further. E.g., the process starts if the priority level in the ticket is updated.

@PeCour - we hear you! The team is working on adding the ability to apply data filters to your event configuration. We are aiming to have this available before summer.

CC: @GuyVW

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I’ve been trying to use the DropBox Civilian version of the connector. I am running into several issues in the Studio project.

  1. Using CreateSearchRequest object as an input to the Invoke Operation returns this error

Main.xaml: System.ArgumentException: Expression of type 'UiPath.Dropbox.IntegrationService.Client.CreateSearchRequest' cannot be used for return type 'UiPath.Dropbox.IntegrationService.Client.CreateSearchRequest'

Why am I getting this error? If I understand this correctly, this object is an input!

  1. The Invoke Operation and the Native Search, both fail to display their configuration features when added to the Dropbox Scope

I have to delete the whole Dropbox Scope, save the project, close it and reopen it and repeat the process to build the whole thing back up again! :confused:

Further, trying to add the Dropbox Scope results in a unstable situation. In place of the Configure button, I get something unusable! :open_mouth:

Has anyone used this connector before?

Studio Version:

Package stack:


Hello UiPath team,

Any updates on my previously posted issue?


cc: @loginerror

Hey @AndyMenon

Let me guess - it is a cross-platform project? I believe those still need some work to be done as far as the scope’s designs for some activities.

But the good news is that the teams are aware and the end result should result in a much smoother experience overall :slight_smile:


I was also thinking where I could find more documentation on the UiPath DropBox IS Connector that goes in a bit more detail beyond what’s on the UiPath IS documentation pages today? I looked at the DropBox API documentation on their site, but my attempt to translate the API Usage into the UiPath Dropbox connector didn’t go so well. Could you direct me to one?

Thanks for your help with this @loginerror .

I love using Integration Service to replace several UI automation so far. When will UiPath release connector for Oracle EBS? I believe this was mentioned since last year. Hopefully we will see this connector available soon.


Hey Hannah,

I’m glad that you’re enjoying Integration Service! We’re going turbo-speed getting new connectors released over the next few months AND Connector Builder will be available by 22.10/October to help you cover any gaps in SaaS applications in our current catalog. There will be more information on that soon - keep your eyes peeled!

As for EBS, we ran a focus group and evaluated the technical feasibility of offering a connector over the last couple of months. Due to the fact that most of our customers are using an on-prem EBS instance and were not currently using OIC, it was determined that an EBS connector would likely have to wait until we’re able to offer an agent that enables us to connect to and automate on-prem applications. That is not available for Integration Service currently and we don’t yet have a date established for when that will be ready, but it is under consideration.

Is your organization using an on-prem instance of EBS or in the cloud? Feel free to DM me some more details.

I might suggest you take a look at AuraPlayer, a solution that sits on-top of UiPath and allows you to screen capture your EBS processes and create API-based automations. Check out the Bot Builder demo video/listing: Download RPA Listings - RPA Snippets, Workflows, Connectors | UiPath Marketplace



Thank you for replying @Scott_Schoenberger. The client is using Cloud EBS. I’ll check out the Marketplace components you shared.


What is the name of the UiPath App from Azure MarketpPlace → Microsoft Azure Marketplace

I am asking because I can’t add it automatically trough UiPath Orchestrator Integration Service, because of this pop-up:

Hi Gunter,

Is there someone I could speak to regarding the Coupa activities? Specifically, I’m struggling with using the filter functionality in the “List all records” coupa activity. Thanks a lot!

Hi @Vlad_Georgescu , Can you share more details about the object and the filter that you are trying to set up for List all records activity?

Hello @Vlad_Georgescu ,Any update? I can help you if you can share the object and filter you are trying to set up.