DropBox Integration Service Connector - UiPath Integration Service 21.12 Release with Triggers GA

REPOST from the original thread here from over 3 weeks ago. This thread is totally inactive.


I’ve been trying to use the DropBox Civilian version of the connector. I am running into several issues in the Studio project. First off, I did not find any intuitive documentation or documentation with Samples to create Dropbox Queries via the connectors. Next, I ran into the following issues when trying to work with the connector.

  1. Using CreateSearchRequest object as an input to the Invoke Operation returns this error

Main.xaml: System.ArgumentException: Expression of type 'UiPath.Dropbox.IntegrationService.Client.CreateSearchRequest' cannot be used for return type 'UiPath.Dropbox.IntegrationService.Client.CreateSearchRequest'

Why am I getting this error? If I understand this correctly, this object is an input!

  1. The Invoke Operation and the Native Search, both fail to display their configuration features when added to the Dropbox Scope

I have to delete the whole Dropbox Scope, save the project, close it and reopen it and repeat the process to build the whole thing back up again! :confused:

Further, trying to add the Dropbox Scope results in a unstable situation. In place of the Configure button, I get something unusable! :open_mouth:

Has anyone used this connector before?

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