UiPath Integration Service Public Preview is Now Available!

We’re excited for you to experience the new preview of the Integration Service for Automation Cloud, which brings managed integration with a robust catalog of Connectors for UiPath Automation Cloud. Read more about the Integration Service here. The new Integration Service brings:

  • Connectors - Rapidly growing list of new Connectors every month to connect to the systems you use the most. Each Connector in the catalog will also have a related Activity Pack. Read more about it here.

  • Connections - Easily manage and authenticate to 3rd party services such as Salesforce and ServiceNow so you can quickly get started using with no setup needed. You can set up a new connection from Integrations in Automation Cloud or directly in Studio. Learn more about Connections here.

  • New set of Activity Packs - Using the Integration Service and Connections for increased capability and ease of use. There are updated Activity Packs using the Integration Service for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite that are Version 3.x -preview.

  • Microsoft Office365 and Google GSuite Activity Pack updates are also available with their -preview versions. These new activities allow the use of the new Connections for authentication.

This Integration Service is just the beginning and will be sharing more as we get closer to release.



21.8.0-beta or higher

Enable Integration Service for a tenant
As part of the public preview, you will need to enabled Integration Service on your Automation Cloud account.

Follow these steps to add Integration Service to one of your cloud tenants:

  1. Navigate to “Admin > Tenants”

  2. Click the vertical ellipsis ( ⋮ ) at the right of the tenant for which you want to enable the Integration Service and select “Tenant Settings”

  3. Click the check box for “Integrations” and then click the Save button

  4. Once enabled, you will see a new “Integrations” icon on the left navigation.

Creating your first Connector Connection.

  1. Click on the “Integrations” icon on the left Automation Cloud menu.

  2. Here you will see a list of Connectors available. We will be publishing new Connectors every month.

  3. Click on a Connector that you are interested in such as Salesforce

  4. You will see a list of any connections that have been made. You can create a new connection by simply clicking on “Add Connection”. Picture3

  5. Every Connection for a given system can be different. Adding a connection may take you to the systems login page or we may ask you for additional information needed to authenticate with a given system. Creating this connection will be used for design time in Studio for related Activity Packs as well as how you configure the Robot for runtime.

  • NOTE: The UiPath for Gmail application is still in the process of being verified by Google. In the interim, please use the non-verified app by clicking Advanced and continue to uipath.com (unsafe) as shown below
  1. Once you have authenticated, you will see your new connection in the list. Notice that your first one is labeled as “Default”. You can create other Connections, but only one can be set as Default and will be the Connection used for design time and runtime.

Using your Connection to design processes in Studio

  1. Open UiPath Studio. Version 21.8.0-beta or higher

  2. Open Package Manager and install the Activity Pack related to your Connector’s Connection you created before.

  • Note At the time of preview release, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Salesforce, and Oracle NetSuite Activity Packs are available. Please use versions 3.x -preview or higher. As new or updated Integration Service Connectors and related Activity Packs are published, please use v3 activity pack or higher. Microsoft Office365 and Google GSuite Activity Pack updates are also available with their -preview versions. These new activities allow the use of the new Connections for authentication via the Use Connection service property.
  1. For Activity Packs, except for Office365 and GSuite, in the Scope Activity you will see a Configure button on the canvas. If you have already created a Connection for this Connector and Activity Pack, it will automatically be selected as it is your “Default” Connection. You can have multiple Connections, however only the Default Connection will be used. In a future release you will be able to select another Connection. If you did not already have a connection you can always create a new connection by clicking on “Create a New Connection”.

This looks very good!

Just to make sure, is there any specific licensing for the integration service or does it come with the (cloud) Orchstrator or any other cloud license?
And what about the community version?

@T0Bi - Currently, in preview, Integration Service is available in all licenses to try/use.

We are looking at variety of licensing models to support customer needs. It is still early to share the details, please expect to hear from us more on this topic next month.


Sweet! Just created my first connection.

A quick note: I noticed that creating the connection failed the first time because I had not enabled Calendar permissions.

I had to enable the calendar permission to create the connection.

Is this expected behavior?


worked fine with google drive (integration and activity in Studio).

But I have not found a suitable activity for gmail.

I used community edition and orchestrator on https://cloud.uipath.com/.

Best regards


Hi @RyanBoone
While executing Gmail and Google Drive activities getting the following error. I have enabled all the permissions needed for Gmail and Google drive. I have also enabled the “Less Secure app access” in Google settings . I’m stuck at this point. Please help.

@Ray_Mueller Please try UiPath.Mail.Activities (1.11.2-preview or later) for Gmail connection. Then use the “Use Gmail” activity.


Thanks. Works fine.

Sorry for the delay. I had some other tasks from customers.

Is this service available for On-Prem installations, or just on the cloud?

I would love to see a ServiceNow Connector! Really looking forward to watching Integrations grow <3

Super pumped to see what the SharePoint connector will do to our triggering game :wink:

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