Announcing the General Availability of Workday Connector and Activity Package in Integration Service

:loud_sound: We’re thrilled to announce that the Integration Service now offers the general availability of Workday Connector and Activity Package version v5.3.1

Starting August 2nd :spiral_calendar: , the Workday activities will enable you to automate a wide range of RPA scenarios, including document verification, access provisioning, IT setup, and notification/communication for new employee onboarding fairly effortlessly since it encompasses dedicated triggers :zap: that are tailored to initiate automation processes upon events occurring in Workday, such as when a new employee is hired.




:page_facing_up: Refer the Workday Connector Documentation here

:page_facing_up: Explore the Workday Activities Documentation here

:page_facing_up: Refer the Workday Release Notes here

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Hi, I am a newcomer to UiPath, I’m preparing for a discussion with a client in the banking industry who utilizes Workday HCM. I aim to identify which business processes within Workday can be automated and those that may not be suitable for automation. How do I get this information please?

Appreciate your help. Thank you.


Check these documentation: