Enhanced Connector Catalog Experience

Users of Integration Service will note significant enhancements in the Connector Catalog experience.

The Connector Catalog now provides increased accessibility for calls-to-action by consolidating connector details. This new design helps users Discover and Configure API-based functionality that can be used in Build products like Studio, Studio Web and other exciting offerings in the future like Apps, Document Understanding and Autopilot.

  • Discover: The Connector Catalog, containing official UiPath connectors and custom connectors created via Connector Builder, now features easy-to-use filtering on industry standard categories, release status, and author(UiPath or ‘My organization’/custom)

Connector cards feature the most important information to help users discover and learn about our featured integrations efficiently.

  • Configure: Clicking into a Connector directs the user to either start building in Studio or Studio Web, or manage connections and triggers that have already been created. Of course, all of the actual building will take place elsewhere in Automation Cloud or in Studio.

  • We’ve also updated the Connector details section with a tab that allows users to review the available activities and triggers featured in the connector. For the time being, these will only feature the curated activities so please make sure to check for additional ‘generic’ activities (ie., CRUD operations - List Records, Create Record, etc.) directly in the build tools/activity packs. In the future, we may move to make these activities actionable so that users can test out the functionality offered.

The above user enhancements will help reinforce the purpose of the Integration Service section in Automation Cloud: to discover and configure third-party APIs.