UiPath Insights

If automations/bots are created prior to Insights installation, can Insights go backwards and start reporting on previously-made bots? If so, is there a limit to how far back it can go?

Second: Is anyone doing any reporting outside of Insights, using the SQL database? The reason I ask is because we may want to build our own reporting until we get Insights installed on another server.

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No matter when Insight is enabled, all the data in the orchestraror can be linked to the corresponding datasets. Just make sure if the orchestraror database is getting archived that data will be not visible to insight, it’ll see only dsta in orchestraror active db.

For your second question, we can done it in a couple of ways. I’ve got the below one very convenient for list clients.

Getting required data in a flat file using SQL by creating the scheduled job in MSSM Studio, that flat file serves as a input to an Excel file which is macro enabled. In excel macro you can create the KPIs you want to have and you can have graphs if you want to have visualization.

Again the dsta can be synced with NoSql and Kibana can be used to have BI solution. Same goes with Power BI but I think excel is a smarter choice

This is great info, thanks Rahul!

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