Getting Robot statistcs querying Uipath SQL server

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We got a requirement to integrate Uipath Robot status to a monitoring tool.But I am not sure how to fetch the details like Queue coutn,bot availbility from SQL server .Request to help how to acheive this.

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If you are using the orchestrator latest versions, you can use the UiPath insights to get most of these as reports. Also the orchestrator has a monitoring section that also provides different kind of reports which you can make use of… doesn’t this give the required data for you?

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Hi @Lavanya_Karnam
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While agree with @Lahiru.Fernando , why dont you use orchestrator dashboard??
Its have all your requirements I hope
If you go through more on orchestrator you will find more

I hope it not really better Solution that to read your orchestrator DB

If you really not enough data you receive on orchestrator dashboard, I suggest generate your required custom dashboard via elasticserch server

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Hi @ Laru.Fernando ,Thank you for directing me towards Analytics.Indeed , this would be rightful approach to get the operational dasboard directly .But I could not find the steps on how to export dashboards from Orchestrator as csv in any of the sites I have searched in.I am new to Analytics…Could you please refer to any documentation available on how to actually migrate the data to a csv from Uipath insights .Thank you in Advance.

Hi @Lavanya_Karnam

According to their website, it says that UiPath Insights dashboards can be shared among the people we specify… I think you can use this feature to send the dashboard as a excel or a pdf or any other supported format…

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