Insights doesn't show any data

Hi everyone,

I’m new to using UiPath and I wanted to check out insights.

Unfortunately I’m not getting it to work. For some reason, both the default and my custom dashboards don’t show any data. Granted I haven’t run a lot of jobs as of right now, but I think it should show all data related to those processes by attended and unattended bots that have been executed by now.

Might this be a licencing issue or am I missing something. I’m on an Enterprise Trial licence right now.

Here’s a screenshot of the Robots Dashboard

Thanks in advance!

@severin ,

In which environment you are checking this.

You should have some robots and few jobs with that. Then can see the data here. If you are not having any transaction in the Orchestrator then no data will be displayed in the dashboard.

hey @severin, one thing you also need to make sure you’re aware of is the time filters on the templates. they’re set by default to last 30 days. If you haven’t run any jobs in the last 30 days, they won’t show here.

hi, thank you both for the quick reply!
I’m running insights directly from my orchestrator web environment on which I’ve run some jobs recently. Here’s a screenshot from within my Test folder in orchestrator

Maybe I’m missing some setting that allows insights to grab that data out of my orchestrator tenant?
best regards,