Can we do reporting using UiPath

I am new to UIpath, just want to know , do we have option of reporting in UIpath ? i was working on selenium just moved to UIpath, so as we are generating reports using TestNG so kind of can we do ?

Hi Chandan, I dont think we can do the reporting using UI Path…its different from Selenium tool…its RPA tool… it will be operation oriented…and Process Oriented…Reports can be generated from Orchestrator(Server) for the performance of the ROBOTs, artefacts… …

I hope it helps you…:slight_smile:

Thanku very much , could u share ur email id ,i need some more suggestions ,yhnx again

You can do reporting from the SQL database as long as the information that you need is stored there. Additionally, if your logs are informative you can use Kibana to create reporting dashboards to report on frequency analysis and performance.


Thanks Rihard :slight_smile:

Can you suggest if there are any demo Kibana sites where I can integrate my logs and test it

Not sure i can say this here. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m a big fan of “Tableau”
@richarddenton ! what do you think :wink:

i was able to download kibana in my desktop. but it requires connection to an index server to try out some functionalities.
for learning purpose wanted to connect and analyze options

@Teodor_Hoaghea has a Kibana demo setup but not sure if we can make amendments to it. Would be nice to have this though as many people won’t have a server setup.

@ddpadil I wouldn’t argue with anyone who wanted to use Tableau, my issue is that I’m more comfortable with SQL and Kibana does really use that so it’s tricky to get your head around but it does look very nice once it’s done.

@lawanyaram go to and create a new tenant. Connect 1-2 robots and execute some jobs. After this go to Kibana and add a new index pattern like this “[tenantName]*” (no quotes). Go to Discover, select the pattern just created and you should see your logs.


Thanks @Teodor_Hoaghea

@acaciomelo @aksh1yadav @beesheep - good opportunity to learn a bit more about Kibana here :slight_smile:


Thanks. I will try it out

how different is and
I had tried out orchestrator in demo.ui.path earlier.

They are the same. It’s an url alias.

Hi, Richard! What kind of data i can manage in this way?
I would like create a report for business. For example a report of all operation that I’m doing not system error or system Log.

Anything you want. You simply need to use the Add Log Fields activity to add additional information to the log which will create an indexed field for fast searching.In this additional field you can add whatever information you want. You also need to remove the log fields after you have added them and also logged them.

@Andrei_Cioboata could you add the basic workflow example here please?

Session coming on 10th May for RPA Reporting with ElasticSearch and Kibana

We have Tableau reports, please check UiPath Go!

Hello all,

I’m a newbie with UiPath and have a project to extract reports/data from Tableau. Can the Studio (community version) perform report/data extraction?

Hi All,

I have developed one custom activity package named “ReporterForUiPath” which can satisfy all your reporting needs.

Some of the benefits are:

It can generate multiple reports as per requirement.
Module wise segregation of tests.
Takes screenshots of each step.
Records execution in .avi format.
Generates a beautiful dashboard for quick analysis.
We can also log the messages.
After the execution it will also send the detailed execution summary with the report as an attachment.

You can directly add this package from the manage packages section or alternatively, you can download it from the UiPath marketplace.

Marketplace link:
Youtube Tutorial Video:

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