What could be the reason that when you use **past year’s data (2020) ** in Dashboard and perform some functions there is a change in the values and the data used is not Consistent ?

Are you saying your data is changed? @anmita

Yes @shreyash_shirbhate

Can please check this @anmita

Thanks @shreyash_shirbhate will surely check it…


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I checked the article in which the Data Ingestion part it mentions that Insights Orchestrator database the past data does not change

But For Example If I have made use of Transaction Duration for some calculation of past year then after a period of Time there is a change in that data which should not happen

Any Idea what could be the reason because I am not considering the current data

That should not happen.

Can you please raise the support ticket?

Tagging folks if they can help you out.

@pravin_calvin @ppr @Pablito

Yes will try doing that…
And thanks for the quick response @shreyash_shirbhate


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