UIPath high level design question

I have a process that gets the records from a excel file - has to web scrape data of a website and the output is saved to an excel file.

So is it better to load the input file in the orchestrator and process it or can we just process the records from the excel file.

I have 50 such use cases.

( Currently I am not using the orchestrator - I have written the code in such a way that bot picks records from the excel file process the records and updates the output in an output excel file. I have also handled the exceptions and retry)

What do you mean " load the input file in the orchestrator"? Do you mean “using queue to store data of excel?”
In case you run robot on 1 machine only , with 50 data , i think queue is un-neccessery

Yes @Doanh. Using queue to store the data from the excel file.

I am planning to run the bots in a VM not a single machine. As I said I have 50 use cases and
hence need to run these processes in the VM

a VM is same, you don’t need queue.
You should use queue in below cases:

  1. The input data is generated by external systems: these system will call Orchestrator API to register data to queue, then robot will read queue data to process
  2. You have a large data, and you run robot on many machines/VMs for quick process.
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Thankyou @Doanh

Hi @Doanh. I have one more question. How can I schedule the bots in the VM when I do not use the orchestrator queues.

Is there a way to do it.

Scenario: Once the input file from for 1st use case is processed it has to check for the input file for the second use case and kick off the process in the VM without human intervention.

Is this possible ?

You can call Orchestrator API to start the second usecase

you also can use queue for this purpose (sorry i forgot this new queue’s function)

  1. In use case 1, you put data of usecase 2 to a queue on orchestrator
  2. Setting Queue Trigger to start usecase 2 when there’s new data in that queue
    Orchestrator - About triggers

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