How does UiPath robot get data?

Hi there,
I’ve uploaded my process to the orchestrator and I have used robot on another machine.

I use data to manipulate from a file project includes. But I don’t understand how the robot use this excel file belongs to my own developer machine not on server? How can I provide filepath to my business unit to put their excel file as an input?

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Hi @Tarantababu

That’s really a good question,
For this case you can get the file from business unit by mail or shared folder onedrive, and in workflow you can fetch the mail from them and place them in your project folder…

  1. If they send by mail, you can fetch that by get outlook mail activity and place that in your project folder
  2. If you guys have a shared folder or onedrive folder where your business unit can place their files and you can fetch from that path and use in your workflow before and place the output file after the process gets over @Tarantababu
    Simple buddy
    Kindly try this and let know
    Cheers @Tarantababu
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Hi @Tarantababu,

Based on the package name & system credentials it will take the robot.

Hi @Tarantababu,

You can put the file in the input folder of the project and upload that package if it is static(template where values donot change)
if you have a dynamic file in which values change day by day then use shared folder and restrict the access to only business and developer to that shared file
There is a prerequisite to the BOT that the shared folder should not be touched while the bot is running
before the run the input files needs to be placed into that folder.

i hope this helps


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