#1 Orchestrator: user input start robot, background processing 2019

Hi All,

I want to set up a form where the user selects what process it wants the robot to execute and what file the robot should use as base data. This processes selected should then run in background.

Anyone done something like this that i can ask a few questions to?

My processes are working, I now just need to set up the user input.

Thank you!

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We can one more process and in that we can use a INPUT DIALOG BOX ACTIVITY with property options
We need to pass the process names as a array like this
This will come as option to be chosen in the input dialog box and if user select one we can get that as a output in a variable of type string named str_output
This can be pass to a activity called START JOB ACTIVITY along the property Process Name

Which will trigger that process

Make sure that the process name we have passed as Array in the input dialog box should be format like the name of the process you want to execute, in the packageName_environment format.

Hope this would help you

Cheers @huatrongkhang


Hi @huatrongkhang

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This will depend whether you want to use Orchestrator and maybe also whether you are willing to wait for the new functionality to be fully implemented.

For user input, there are several options. I would suggest playing around with UiPath.Form.Activities package which should soon reach Stable release (currently in beta, see here).

For starting your process, in general, your options are:

  1. Use Orchestrator and Orchestrator API to start your process. You will want to send the start job request and Orchestrator should launch the process as soon as your current one finishes.
  2. Wait for the Long Running Workflows functionality to be fully implemented (the template for it is already available in Studio 2019.9.0-beta).
  3. The easiest, mentioned by @Palaniyappan. I forgot the most obvious activity called Start Job :sweat_smile: