Running the bot from UIPath tray


I have a kind of business process like

I have created a workflow in my machine, say, filling the data from excel sheet to web form and and writing the result into another excel sheet or text file, and i am not using orchestrator for this, instead i am managing the read (local excel sheet) and write (local txt file).

Now, I publish the bot (.nupkg file) to my local only (ProgramData\UIPath\Packages) and i am mailing the same file to my colleague, so that he can execute the same from his local bot (machine).

My doubt is, how he will be going to execute the same bot into his/her local machine, as we have data dependency (read from excel and write to txt).

Is this possible? or use of Orchestrator is a must to handle this kind of scenarios? or there is some alternative / workaround for this

please suggest



You can keep the input and output files in shared folder. So that you both can access same file and process it without changing any thing.

Share that nupkg file with and tell them to place it under Packages folder and same you can see it in UIRobot System tray. And run it from system tray as you people do not have Orchestrator.


Check this link, it is possible only. But you need to have the same folder structure if you are referring to any local disk folders and files in the other systems.