Output file(excel) of robot 1 will be input file for robot 2

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Could you please advise how to handover a file from Robot 1 to Robot 2. Here I cannot use any document management system (SharePoint/One Drive etc) or emails. Could you please advise whether we can share the file using orchestrator? If yes, a sample workflow would be really appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

What is the content of file?

You can not send the files to orchestrator and pour that file as input to other robot.

What you can do is send the content of that file.
What content is that file having?

If it’s a datatable, that can be parse as string and sent to queue and then the other robot csn get the queue item and parse to deserialize to datatable.

have a look on below of it could be an option for you


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Try as per ppr suggestion on using STORAGE BUCKETS

May be i will suggest you to share the document PATH

That is from Robot-1 send the path of a file as value to a ASSET using SET ASSET activity

Then Robot-2 will use that asset as a input by using GET ASSET value

That would work fine and that’s one another way you can easily pass a file from one bot to another provided both the process runs in the same machine


If the process runs in different machine then we need to save the date from that table in queues using BULK ADD QUEUE item activity where we can pass datatable as input and it will create set of queue items in orchestrator

Then second bot will read that queue item and process one by one

As simple as it is

Cheers @syedbahauddin

The content of the file is plain data (no media). This is a nice idea. In my case the file is more important for audit purpose.

Thank you so much. Let me try this and get back to you :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the reply. Since I have to move the file from one environment to another I think the first option will not be feasible. However, the second option is something I can consider as my last option looking at the primary objective is to share the file itself rather than the content.

Yeah anyhow you will be reading the file in robot2 process and use that data
Now we are trying to pass those exact data itself through queue to another process

If it’s datatable then use BULK ADD QUEUE

If it’s a pdf then get the needed value in Robot-1 itself and then pass it to queues as fields
Which we can fetch from Robot-2

Cheers @syedbahauddin