I have a excel with thousands of rows , how to divide this project to run on multiple robots for faster execution

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I have a excel with thousands of rows, want to process this data.(Eg make an entry in DB).
How can i make use of multiple robots for faster execution Ensuring that there is no duplication of data entry?

By making use of Orchestrator Queues.

Hi @rinki,

yes @KarthikByggari is right. You have to create 2 process. 1 is to upload the data into Orchestrator Queue. another one will read the data from Orchestrator queue and process the data.

To know about the queue please take a look here.

Video Tutorial :

Documents :


yes I get it that queue can be used.
But how will a robot know which transaction to pick from the queue.
There should be no duplication or rather 2 robots should not attempt to process same item from the queue.
Wanted to know how should we handle this

If the transactions are uploaded to an Orchestrator queue, the robots will pick the next item from the queue that hasn’t been Completed or is In Progress.

Each row from the excel sheet would be it’s own queue item and would have a unique reference in orchestrator. The robot’s won’t pick the same items to work

Can you explain more.

Say I have a bot that has data uploaded to a queue named XYZ. These are 10 thousand items in the queue.
Now I want to use say 3 bots .
These bot should fetch data from XYZ queue, perform some operation and add the data to say my Oracle Database.

My inputs to all 3 bots will be same , get transaction item (specifying just a queue name).
I start the project execution on all 3 bots at same time.

Want to understand how will each bot pick unique item from the XYZ queue for processing???
As there is no way to specify that get 1000 records only from the queue.

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In the example below, whichever robot finishes their queue item first (Robot 1, 2 or 3) will then move on to process queue item 5. The next to finish will take queue item 6 and so on sequentially until the entire queue has been completed.

Queue Item 1 - completed
Queue Item 2 - in progress (Robot 1)
Queue Item 3 - in progress (Robot 2)
Queue Item 4 - in progress (Robot 3)
Queue Item 5
Queue Item 6

Get transaction item will just get the next item or transaction from the orchestrator queue (XYZ) and the robot will then run the process until that transaction item is completed. Then it will return to the queue and take the next unworked item.

Okay . Thanks @AndyD , i will try this out.
Thanks for the detailed explanation on the scenario.