Uipath dosnt't work in a VM launched from another pc


this is the scenario:

I developed a robot to automate a customer’s process. The development was done by my own pc on a VM installed at customer’s servers. By connecting from my computer on the VM the robot works well, but when the customer has launched the robot from his PC (always on the same VM) the bot didn’t work. I saw the icons on customer pc was smaller than mine, so I figured it was a problem due to the screen resolution, because I performing some Image-based automation (customer has his own internal management system on which the selectors doesn’t work). So I checked the screen resolution that was setting at 1920 x1080 for both pc. The only difference was the zoom (150% my pc and 125% customer’s pc), but even changing it the bot didn’t work properly.
Someone alredy got this problem? it is possible that the same VM could have two different resolution even if the resolution of pc from where it is launched is the same?
I saw also there is the launch workflow interactive activity where I can set the resolution. How can I figure out the depth?

Thank you for any support

Hi @Siltra: The VM resolution should be similar to the machine in which the bot was built.

Please have a look at this:

Hi PD2,

thank you for your reply. I have already seen this document, but as I write the resolution seems to be the same for both pc.