Resolution issue

We are working in VM…
When client takes the VM and runs the process its not working, When I process same it works

They have a different resolution …
How to fix the resolution issue?

Kindly elaborate this pls
what do you mean by takes VM



Are you using Orchestrator ? If yes then we can set screen resolution.


Their environment(Virtual Machine)

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thats fine buddy
can i have a process overview
do you mean like when you are running a process in that VM its running and its not when your client does…from orchestrator
and if its a screen resolution issue it can be resolved

Cheers @Sweety_Girl

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Will Click Image work in unattended bot

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yah of course it would work for sure
i have used many times when automating image based process even in RDP or VDI

Okay Click Image works in backend.


But its not working all times