Uipath.credentials.Activity installation problem

The UIPath Robot (Attended Robot) that I installed is a closed network without internet access.
I applied the License key and installed the UIPath 20.04 version.
However, when I execute UIPath, the following Error message appears.
Unknown type’{http://schemas.uipath.com/workflow/activities}GetSecureCredential’ could not be created.
How to solve this problem

I added credentials.activity related package to the custom package source.
However, it cannot be installed because the install button is not activated.
How can I install Uipath.credential.Acivities?

Hi @ysulcho, welcome to forum

Can u share the screenshot of what package sections

Nived N


for getting get secure credential activity
Did u use the this activity below which is seen as red here

It is found in a local package, but the install button is disabled.

check with all packages section

Are u able to click on install button now

The install button is not pressed

On the All Packages screen, the Install button for any package is not clicked.