Cannot create unknown type ''

I got this error

“Cannot create unknown type ‘{}GetSecureCredential’.”

while doing level 3 certification, Calculate Client Security Hash. More specifically in the step “Unit test the created file using the default values of the arguments.”.

To get past this, go to package manager and install package“UiPath.Credentials.Activities”.
Close Studio, Open Studio and run System1_Login.xaml again.


Hai @Wim_De_Groote,

try the below method


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Hello @Wim_De_Groote,

Please hit a click on button Install :slight_smile:


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Thanks @Wim_De_Groote. I tried it worked .

Hi, I have the 2019.4.2 version of UiPath and I cannot find “UiPath.Credentials.Activities.” Is this package not compatible?

Go to manage packages, then inside there go to settings. Make sure to check Go! as a source. Then you should be able to find the Credential.Activities under Go

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Thanku. :slightly_smiling_face: