Cannot create unknown type ''

I got this error

“Cannot create unknown type ‘{}GetSecureCredential’.”

while doing level 3 certification, Calculate Client Security Hash. More specifically in the step “Unit test the created file using the default values of the arguments.”.

To get past this, go to package manager and install package“UiPath.Credentials.Activities”.
Close Studio, Open Studio and run System1_Login.xaml again.


Hai @Wim_De_Groote,

try the below method


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Hello @Wim_De_Groote,

Please hit a click on button Install :slight_smile:


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Thanks @Wim_De_Groote. I tried it worked .

Hi, I have the 2019.4.2 version of UiPath and I cannot find “UiPath.Credentials.Activities.” Is this package not compatible?

Go to manage packages, then inside there go to settings. Make sure to check Go! as a source. Then you should be able to find the Credential.Activities under Go

Quite useful !! :slight_smile:

Thanku. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi , i m getting the same…tried ur idea…but did not work please help

Hi @dnandhini232,

First of all, wrt GetAppacredentials.xaml file, I would recommend to not use this file. Instead directly use get credential activity wherever you want to fetch your credentials. This file is no more available in re-framework with latest uipath versions anyway and is not suggested to be used from code review point of view as well.

Hence, directly use ‘Get credential’ activity.

Also, where are you storing your credentials currently?

You can simply save your credentials on orchestrator as asset and then fetch same using get credentials activity and use it in further steps.


Hello I tried every possible way, i even installed UIpath.credentials.Activities(2.0.0) package, I’m storing my credentials in orchestrator as asset…but still I’m getting this exception repeatedly…can you take a look at my prjct once and lemme know where it went wrong?

Hi @Anirupita_Prabhakar,

Can you please remove first activity - Invoke getAppCredentials workflow?

And directly use GetCredential activity instead to fetch username and password from orchestrator, it will work :slight_smile:



Thank you @sonaliaggarwal47 :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll try and let you know.

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Hey @sonaliaggarwal47 Thank you so much!! It worked…I got the output :heart_eyes:

Hi @Anirupita_Prabhakar,

I am glad to hear that :slight_smile:

Now that your issue is resolved, I would request to mark solution so this topic can be closed and others (with the same issue) can benefit from this :slight_smile:

If unaware on how to mark a solution, you can refer below link:


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Hi @sonaliaggarwal47 I wish i could but I don’t see a ‘mark as solution’ button anywhere in your post, I guess only the topic author (the one who posted this question) will be able to do that :frowning:

Please try to install this version 1.1.6479.13204

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Hey @Dungkyou My issue was resolved and I got the output!! Thanks anyways.

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