UiPath.Credentials.Activities v1.1.6479.13204 release 2021.4.4

Hi, Im trying to install UiPath.Credentials.Activities and its doesnt work. Can somebody help me


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May I know what error are you getting while installing the package ?

I used to have in 2020.4.3 but now for 2021.4.4 I cant find it

Package not found in any feed


Are you looking for Get Credentials activity ?

If yes then search the same activity in Activity panel once.

And also please check below thread.

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No, I require this one and it seems like its no release for 2021.4.4? or am I wrong?


Can you please select Official feed under Manage Packages and then check it once.

Please change studio version to 2021.6 and check if this package works…

Thks but I have install 2021.4.4 do you suggestion another solution?

In case of packaged are not offered ensure following:

You may change versions in packages to previous or update version to check if it’s working. I faced same issue and I installed previous version which got worked…