UIpath community edition orchestrator showing expiry date. But initially they told that it is life time free for 1 robot

Hi, uipath community edition orchestrator is showing expiry date as 22nd october 2022. so i have to upgrade to enterprise plan?. initially they told that the orchestrator is lifetime free. so is the expiry automatically extends? please help me.

Hi @Byra_Padha_Saradhi

A free Community license can be requested, lasting for a limited period of time, which is renewable. This option can only be activated online. The Robot that comes with the Community Edition Studio can only be connected to the UiPath Orchestrator Community Edition, under your own tenant. For more information, see Activating by Signing in to UiPath.

so dont worry it wont expire , its renewable


Thank you very much it helps me alot

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Hi @Byra_Padha_Saradhi
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Hi @Byra_Padha_Saradhi
refer this

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