Subscription expiration for the UI Path community edition


I have installed the community version of UI Path Studio. In Orchestrator, it shows your subscription for the community plan will expire on September 11th, 2022.

In Orchestrator, on the licences page, it shows “Request Enterprise Trial”, “Buy Now” and “Enterprise Activation” options with licence details.

I would like to know the renewal process for the community edition. Will it affect my existing robot setup? How to extend the UI Path community edition license?

Thanks in advance.

Keyur Mehta

Hi @tejalj.hipl

It should just auto-renew itself with no need to do anything :slight_smile:

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Hi @tejalj.hipl

I’m about to have the exact same problem in a couple of days. Did the community edition renew itself automatically at the end?

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It will for sure. If you will run into any issues though, please let us know here.