UiPath License expiry date is incorrectly reflected for 2nd and later activation's of bot licenses

Hi Team,
I have a query on the UiPath License Expiry date for 2nd and thereafter activation’s.

We have done several license procurement’s for uipath suite of products having 1 year license subscription E.g. in Jan-2020, June-2020 and Nov-2020 but when I see the expiry date is always shown for the first procurement done in 20-Jan-2020 even though the License is validate from 1st June,2020 to 30 May,2021 for second procurement and same goes in procurement done in Nov-2020

Can you please confirm why is that so. Ideally it should give me the breakup in the host login that x number of license expiring in Jan-2021 and later June-2021 and and Nov-2021.

Please let me know how to deal with this situation. Will my license be auto extended to the second procurement until end of 1 year subscription from date of procurement? I have initiated ticket about the same.

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Did you “update” the license from Host? For on-prem enterprise we are suppose to update the license to reflect the changes as it’s managed by us. Once we click on update, it should show you the new date and latest license breakdowns. And the host login shows Orchestrator expiry date, not the individual license expiry.

Hi @amitbhatt55,
This is the reason of you have purchase several products in various days , so you my receive several license key or updates

As you mention most probably your orchestrator will expire , that’s what you have seen.
You may purchase some robots studios after the orchestrator purchase date and also you may didnt merge those all into one license.

Solutions ,
This thing is that as you see that it going to be expire then.start the producer process to renew it asap,
Then this time , ask your license provider to merge all product along with license key .
That will be very easy , all product managing by one license key.
Anyway of there no any special request they renew it as same.

The breakup means that for several products
Eg June-2021 you may purchase 2 unattended robots

Nov-2021 : you may purchase 1 studio more
Like that.
So if you didn’t ask , they just create the robot licens into 1year by purchase date .

Now the next renewal, do as what I sad , as to merge all license into one license that expires all by one day , that will be easy ,

Thanks for your help.

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you are always welcome :+1: