UiPath Certification


Hi there,

I checked the uipath site but there is no info about uipath certification or how to get one. So I am asking, is there any other way to prove uipath expertise?

Thank you!

UiPath Developer in Mumbai

hi @vasilisg

You have to contact uipath sales team or you can drop a message to them in chatbox support.

They will give you full details about it because if you have an enterprise tie up then they will charge you less comparatively normal charges they have and if you are a normal user and you have completed their training material as well (training material as well have a cost) but anyhow after talk with them you will know what is today. :wink:
so please contact them, they will guide you well on this.



Besides what Akshay said, you should know that in march we’ll launch an open course where you can get official Level1 certification. Till then, you can use our online videos to get up to speed, and in march you can get the certification :wink:


Hi @Cosin,

Regarding the open course, how will we be able to access the certification?



You guys are awesome!!!


Online. An official announcement will be made in due time.


hi @Cosin

But as we talked. that will be for beginner level right?

and please for update like this you can create and post such information into that category like “Announcements” .



Of course, but this is not an official announcement, just a headsup.

Yes, Beginner level only for now.


Hello Cosin,

Hope I found you doing well.

I was wondering, if you have any update on this.



Not really, but I’ll post an update here when there are updates.


Thanks, eagerly waiting


Any update on the certification?


hi team,
any update on certification for open developer.



Is it like upon completion of the courses, a certification will be issued?


yes you need to complete all the course then you have to take certification test include 45Qn in 3 attempts.


What if we can’t clear in 3 attempts, I tried i got 73.33% but not fearing to take risk in last attempt.
Can you suggest?



Hi @Rajat,

It seems that you will receive another 3 attempts every 24 hours.

In addition, please follow this thread for more details:


Hi rajat,- How do you take that test. Could you please me to take that. ( bala0402@gmail.com)


I am still not certified.
I got average of 72%.