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The UiPath RPA Academy is the place to learn UiPath software for free.

It is a valuable resource for all the RPA developers out there - not only for experienced ones, but also for beginners. Video tutorials, practical exercises, and evaluation tests are there to enhance your knowledge on the UiPath components and their functionalities. In the end, everyone who finishes the courses successfully receives a UiPath Diploma. Join now!

Come one, come all! Bring a forum friend, share and let us know how it went.

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woah!!! Bring it on :slight_smile:

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… 4 … 3 …

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2… Ok, guys…what is the link for the UiPath Academy? It’s alive and kicking

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UiPath Academy


Thank you so much. :clap::clap::clap: cheers … :slight_smile:

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Nice !

Hi @badita,

I’m getting this error while loggin into UiPAth Academy.

“Your account has expired on 4/9/2017. Please, contact your administrator for further information”

I’m facing the same issue :worried:

Try now

Its Working :slight_smile:


hi @badita no links are working i am trying to open academy links since yesterday but they are not opening please help …
i tried to open from uipath website



what browser are you using?
Can you try in a different one? :slight_smile:
Can you try with http instead of https?

Hi @Lavinia the link is working in IE ,it was not working on chrome.
kind Regards


I am new to this community. I have Automation experience in UFT and such. This tool is fascinating in regards to Business Process Management. However, I have a doubt. I am going through the tutorial and came upon remote access issue. Why is that no unique identifiers are used to make it accessible as a desktop rather than using image identifiers. In that way we dont have to record in two ways for desktop and remote user.

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