UiPath Bot failing

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When the server restarts and a job is kicked off we see the error below in the job details. Logging into the server via RDP and then starting the job from Orchestrator works. My question is, can we do anything to allow the job to start when the user is not logged in? Any Help?


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Hi @rameezimtiaz,
If I correctly understand you are using Community Edition for this. The difference between community and enterprise version is the fact that Robot service is working under user thread for community version. This means that each task/job will work only when user is logged in.

There is workaround for this but you need to know that it’s not official solution and it might change some day. So you can install robot from MSI package (enterprise installer). This will make a robot running under system thread so you robot will be available anytime no matter if user is logged in or not.


@Pablito no we have enterprise version. We have 2 unattended and 3 development bots. Works fine on all except this bot. Even the 2nd unattended bot is also working perfectly

Then you should check if configuration of this robot and this computer is proper. From the error I can only suggest that maybe it is configured as attended robot.

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The bot is unattended

@Pablito I was able to figure out the issue. The issue was wrong credentials stored for the BOT. The password was wrong. But i came up across another issue. Once we r logged in with credentials there is a blue screen everytime at the start and we have to click OK on that screen to complete the login process. If somehow we are able to do it our problem will be fixed. Any ideas?

Are you able to provide screenshot?