UIPath Bot Failed when run via orchestrator but succeeds when run manually

Hi Guys,

We have encountered an issue with one of our bot. It fails its run via orchestrator with error "Invoke Search Customer workflow file: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: ". This issue was not encountered when the bot is run manually. Issue started when chrome on the server was updated.


check the chrome version and uipath extension in chrome

also have a look into below article


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—Kindly check with the selector once and make it dynamic with the attributes and and it’s value which looks dynamic that is the one which gets changed from time to time with a wildcard symbol like *
—And make sure that the chrome extension is installed after the update made

If installed kindly restart the chrome and studio once after installing the extension and try once

Cheers @Tester1

Yes we did but encounters the same issue. Note that we are monitoring it when running the bot manually but we logout of the server when running it via orchestrator.

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Fine may I know at which activity inside the invokes workflow fails
Kindly run in debug mode and check the error at which activity this error occurred and share that screenshot pls if possible
I think the issue must be either with element being in background and not visible
As a workaround try to use a maximise window activity as a first activity that make sure that the page comes foreground so that the bot can identify the elements
Cheers @Anarkast

Sorry i can’t do that since it has confidential data. To note, we encountered the issue when the Google chrome was updated within the server. The following items has been executed but all fails.

  1. Restart the server
  2. Reinstall Chrome that restart the server
  3. Remove and re add the extension. Bounce the server and bootup uipath studio.

For all the items below. Run was successful manually and all fails via Orchestrator.

@Palaniyappan, We do have that maximized window activity before the failing code.

@Anarkast, Can you solve the issus. Please tell me the solution if you can.