UIPath Bot Always Failed when run via orchestrator but succeeds when run manually

I create workflow on UIpath studio at Virtual Private Server (VPS). The workflow open chrome (maximize window) and goto a website and check some information. It always work when I run manually. But, it is always fail when run via orchestrator.
-orchestrator always success when I still remote to the VPS. But always fail when I disconnect from VPS. (I try to remote to VPS after fail and I found that it can open chrome with maximize window and goto web. Like a it broken after open chrome)
-I looking log and it show “Timeout”

this is log
Type End: Timeout reached.

welome to uipath community
is that full error message or if possible can i have the full message as a screenshit

Cheers @WichM

@Palaniyappan, this is full message.
Raw message: Object
message: Type End: Timeout reached.
level: Error
logType: Default
timeStamp: 2020-01-12T13:13:02.6303421+00:00
fingerprint: 81df5b06-5ef9-4862-8e7a-6ff05e525b88
windowsIdentity: DESKTOP-AEPUAHX\jongta
processName: Jong.Ta_DESKTOP-AEPUAHX
processVersion: 1.0.3
jobId: bdf1fcd5-5169-4839-b47a-41cf44867ab7
machineId: 48441
organizationUnitId: 126153
fileName: index

is the window of the server set to full screen
because this error depicts that the bot is not able to find the element in the screen

Cheers @WichM

@Palaniyappan, Thank you for your help.
I don’t understand why bot is not able to find the element in the screen when run on only orchestrator. It is work on manual or when I keep connection to VPS.