UiPath Assistant Running the xaml file set as Main


I setup a Process in Orchestrator with the Entry Point different then the Main Workflow.

When I try running the process from UiPath Assistant, UiPath starts the process from the Main Workflow, not the Entry Point I set up.
Is this a bug or UiPath Assistant is always supposed to run the Main?



There’s 2 steps to control where the process starts.

In Studio- You can mark Enable Entry Point

But then in Orchestrator you must pick the desired entry point

Did you update in both?

Alternatively you can use Set as Main from Studio to change the default.

Hi @bsenter , I have done exactly what you said. It runs ok from Orchestrator, but the Entry point in the Assistant is the Main, I believe it is a bug. Has anyone else faced this issue?


Hi @William_Blech_Sister, What version of Assistant are you using?

Hi @ElenaBuchir , I am using 2021.4.4

I am inserting here some picutes, to make it easier to understand.

This is how my process is set up in the Orchestrator, highlighted the entry point

This is my Main Workflow

When I call it by UiPath Assistant, this is the log on Orchestrator, the Main Workflow and not the Entry Point set up in the Process

In 2021.10 we changed this behavior and now what you choose as Entry Point in Orchestrator will be used in Assistant.

Hi @ElenaBuchir, if you confirm it is a bug, why not fix for the previous versions also?

Hi @William_Blech_Sister ,

Unfortunately, 2021.4 is out of support. This version will only get security patches for now.

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Hi @erghe,

Although the version of my assistant and studio is 2021.10.5, my process with entry point is still working with the xaml file set as Main.

Look forward to hearing you soon.

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