Invoke Process works with the xaml file which is set as main

While running the job, my robot does not work with given entry point although it is enabled as entry point. Regardless of the entry point it works with the xaml file which is set as main in studio.

Can anyone help me, please :frowning:

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after selecting the select as entry point, right click again and click on select as main


but It does not make any sense change the main file according to the process and publish it again as different packages :frowning:

select as main, it will change the first workflow to execute, thats why you select the select as main option

we cant select more than 1 main, so it will being execute by default


First of all thank you, but

If the entry point input stays blank the job does not work and also if I give some xaml file in there my robot works only the file what is in there.

If I do not use Invoke Process the robot works with xaml file which is set as main.

I do not have trouble about setting a file main. I have problem while it is working. Because it is not the same which I gave as entry point in the orchestrator.


in process name, you should call the name of process from orchestrator,

in the entry point, here you have to specify your workflow in your case “Test Entry Point”, and in the process name the name of your process, not the xaml, the general process, the name of the xaml should be write in the entry point propertie


About Process Name: I have read about the process name and found that should be the same as the name of the package, then I gave the exactly.

About Entry Point:

But still does not work :frowning:

Hi @bzural

What is your Studio/Robot version?

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Here is the version of my Studio and Assistant:



Hi @bzural

Sorry for late reply. I have trouble reproducing the scenario on the latest Community version (2022.4), which means that it was either fixed in the latest version, or something went wrong with your project. Any chance you could share a sample, dummy project that reproduces this issue for you?

Hi @loginerror I solved the problem thank you. :slight_smile: Have a nice day and week :slight_smile:

Great to hear :slight_smile: Please let us know what made it work for you, in case there are still some bugs to be fixed :slight_smile: