UiPath Assistance - Process Entry Point Default Back to Main.xaml

My version of UiPath Assistance is v21.4.3. I have a process with multiple entry points and I have published 2 processes into orchestrator, one with default entry point Main and another with another entry point.

When I triggered these 2 processes from orchestrator, they all worked fine. But when running them using UiPath Assistance, both processes pointed to Main. All runs were on the same machine.

Is this a bug of UiPath Assistance? Or something I didn’t setup correctly?


Hello Michael,
I’m having the exact same issue with UiPath Assistance and Orchestrator 21.4.4. Did you manage to find out if it was some misconfiguration on your side?

Hi Ramiro

No, I didn’t find any configuration issues and ended up have to move it back to Main. This should be a bug to be fixed.

Thank you for your quick response. I’ll file it under “bugs” as well. Just changed my automation to have a single Main entrypoint and used an argument to define which of the previous entry points should be called. Thanks

I have exactly the same issue.

It kind of defeats the whole purpose of entrypoints for everything that’s not an unattended Robot.

Is this expected behaviour or should the op be moved to bugs?


Seems to be expected behaviour:

@michael.jiang1 @rqmerino

Maybe we should move it to feature request…

Agree and don’t understand why it was designed like that. This creates confusion of the purpose of entry point.

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Agree that it is not a bug and would be best described as a feature request.

Adding some details for further evaluation from the UiPath team: the automation collects order details from a website and one set of the arguments is the begin and end date the order was created. So, two of my entrypoints run unattended (scheduled from orchestrator via triggers) but the third one is just available at the robot without any schedule so that any user could change the begin and end time adhoc and collect information from the needed orders. Of course, now that I know how the entrypoint feature behave in non-unattended scenario, I could have the user log on to automation cloud and change the arguments on a third trigger. but it is a bit more work.

Thank you for your feedback. I’ve saved it in our internal tracker for our team to consider.

Also tagging @ElenaBuchir for further input :slight_smile:

Hello, Thanks for feedback, indeed is not a bug, this is the current behavior, but we plan to make some changes regarding this topic in the next releases.

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