UIpath API Http Request Problem

Hi All

I have reached a roadblock
I have an api and I have put down the headers and all
The request perfectly works in postman and in my own python program which uses requests library.
I can’t work it out in UiPath.
I have given every header and it is simple api which gives a timesstamp as response.
I have given cookies and all the headers that are seen in Chrome >inspect element>network
Help would be greatly appreciated.

is it public so we can check it on our end?

That’s the issue . it’s my company’s API so I can’t share it.

I have read all the forum topics, So most usual suspects are out.

It’s a GET request so there is no body.


I hope you understand that it is hard for us to support you as we cannot refer to the details.

However still retry and try to be close as much possible to the UiPath essentials

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