HTTP Request in UiPath Studio - Cookie Format

Hello everyone,

I wanted to use POST method / HTTP Request activity in the studio. But I don’t know how to give cookie as parameter. If there is " ; " character in the cookie , the studio throws the error in screenshot.

Could you please help me if you have a solution for this?


Hi @xbalan

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Could you show how it is set up in the UiPath Studio? The screenshot here is a bit unreadable.

Hi @Maciej,

Thank you :slight_smile: This is the bigger screenshot , could you please check the new one?

Could you try passing it using this field:

It doesn’t look like it is available in the wizard.


I tried before. Here is the status code , result dictionary and result string of the request.Cookie%20as%20collection|690x318

And here is the result. (I’m new user on the forum and I could upload only an image in a post.)

Hi @xbalan

Have you figured it out?

I believe the solution is to pass each part of the cookie as separate lines: