Auth via Cookie JSESSIONID on HTTP Request return empty query result

I want to get the returned object from a query to my REST Api service.

This works on Postman. So I’m authed via the Cookie. And get back a result. All fine.

When I try to adapt that in UiPath with the HTTP request activity. the query result is just empty.

This is the output variables:


and their content when it has run:


So it seems that the authentication has worked properly. But somehow there is not result array? I’m confused.

Hi @kwoxer

Could you try with both Postman and HTTP Request to visually check if there is any difference in what is being send out by both activities?

One suggestion would be to try sending the Cookie via the Cookies parameter of the HTTP Request activity, and splitting it per cookie name and value:

Value=the rest

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If I do so I get the “Unauthorized” message.

So there is still something wrong. I already tested that before as well. And sending via header is not correct I would say. It needs to be send via cookie paramter.

UiPath HTTP Request



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Alright. I was using it wrong.

I set the name to Cookie instead of setting it to JSESSIONID.

Yeah that make absolutely sense. Now it works. Thank you very much

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