Rest Api_Response Status: TimedOut

Hi team,

i have an api URl, it worked fine using postman service.

When i replicating the same in UiPath Httpequest i’m getting following response
Response Status: TimedOut
Status Code: 0

can any one help me on this, Thanks in advance.

@sai_krishna_somisetty . Can you please share screen shots of Uipath if it is ok by masking the sensitive data.

Can you please try by increasing the time out in HTTP request activity, like in the below screen the time out is set to 6 seconds you can try with 6 or 10 and see which is working best .

Thanks Zavid,
I have as what u said but the result is same.


An HTTP response code of 0 indicates that the AJAX request was cancelled. This can happen either from a timeout, XHR abortion or a firewall stomping on the request. A timeout is common, it means the request failed to execute within a specified time.

Are you within your company local intranet while you are running this request using Uipath?

Looks like your Antivirus is blocking your request when used with Uipath

yes zahid there is a firewall issue and i’m able to get now.

In order to get data we use bearer token in postman,
And where to give bearer token in http request??

i tried to give in Oauth2, the response code is 401

401 error indicates that you are not passing in the correct credentials for the API.

From your first post, I see you have added Authentication as Simple HTTP and given username as Sai.
Please remove this (if this is incorrect/dummy) and keep it to None.

From the parameters, click on Add Header button and enter you token your bearer token