UIPath Advanced Training Assignment 2


Hi everyone,
I am trying to complete UiPath Advanced Training Assignment 2 and have spent weeks on it, using the ReFramework Template, where I retrieve the WIIDs with type WI4 and open status and then add to the queue in Orchestrator before processing each item. My code seems to work and everything seems near the model videos uploaded in YouTube but I cannot seem to clear Assignment 2. I have even changed the comment from Uploaded with ID to and the year from 2017 to 2016, but nothing seems to work. Here is my Assignment 2 link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b74y_jBA30s . Do take a look and please do help if possible. Thanks!!


Hi @Karrick13 ,


Can you please try to debug the code end to end , use break points and write line activity (Wherever required) to check till where you are correct. please update the work items only for the year 2017 but not others. If you are unable to clear yet, let us know at which point you are facing issue.

I suggest you to understand the business flow and go through the walk through document once again. The more you understand the flow, the more easier it will be to develop.



Please check the file path where you are saving Monthly reports it should be Data/Temp, the one you are using is not as per PDD file. Also you TaxID and UploadID are not trimmed. There is no need to add “Uploaded with ID” while commenting the upload ID