Advance Training Assignment 2

Hello Forum;

I am having issue completing the Level 3 - assignment 2; which has been uploaded 3 times to no success nor feedback. All came back as 0/100 with no adequate reason.

Any hint will be appreciated.

Thank You.

Hello @Daemo,

Make sure you are using same email address for both UiPath Academy and ACME site. Also all items should be in completed status and data should not be reset while uploading your assignment to portal.

Thank & Regards,
Happy Automation! :slight_smile:

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Hello Navneet;

Thanks for your advice, I did use same email and pass the assignment 1 (get Hash) with no hassle.


before submitting are you hitting reset of data.?

Hi Divy;

No, I didnt; Followed the same step as in assignment 1. My guess is either the file format or naming. Hope some one can look it through


Hello All;

Issue is now resolved. Not sure for certain what issue was, but some of the changes made was to add column header to the uploaded yearly report and trim all used value.

Thanks to NavneetPanpaliya and Divyashreem for your advices, Highly appreciated.

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