How upload assignment 2 in uipath

i have uploaded it 5 times. it shows 12 out of 0 correct. how am i supposed to upload it.
even i have failed at first attempt later i refreshed the data and again run the project and then upload it.
But no change.

Can any one help me with this


Make sure it should Process all transaction items properly and then only you can upload for evaluation.

hi, im done with it.

Now im having trouble in extracting taxiID in assignment 2 yearly report performer.
hope u can help me. here is the error

HI @Hari_HK,

Before proceed please reset the data using user option Menu after login.


i have checked every possible

  • reset the data
  • again extracting data from wi4
  • its working fine when all are debugging one by one

So the assignment 2 upload process is different from assignment 1? For assignment 1 you must not reset the data, otherwise it fails, but you are saying for assignment 2 we do need to reset the data?

I have just submitted assignment 2 and it had 11 transactions processed, but 0 correct, although I have 11 Excel files generated with the correct filepath/names and what look to be the right entries in the rows. With assignment 1 I had a similar problem, but eventually discovered via the Forum that you must not reset the test data…once I did this it worked perfectly. So assignment 2 is different? You must reset the data?

hey bro in ur assignment

Navigate to work-items is it working properly.
im not getting it in assig 2

I think you are right. I got carried away with the Excel generation and seem to have taken my eye of the Work Item update routine! Will attend to it.

I have uploaded again. It took some time to find a way to consistently locate the message box UI element on the Yearly Report Upload page which provides the upload id. It now works for me, however the evaluation was Total Items - 12, Completed - 0 Correct - 0. Separately from the evaluation there are some very long 1-2 minute delays at certain points after the first report has been uploaded. I have message traces in the output log and can see that the bot simply appears to be hanging for exactly 1 or 2 minutes.

Observing the timing of the events it looks like the server side of the request/response is overloaded, as at different times it runs at quite different speeds. I may try it at night to see if it runs faster.