UIpath advanced certification - queue or data table


I am planning to attend UIpath advanced certification. Foe exam is it mandatory to use orchestrator queues ?
are we allowed to use data table ? - how is this bit determined?

You must use queues in order to complete your assignments. This is the best way to understand the RE framework.

Karthik Byggari

The online advanced certification doesn’t use queues, the online advanced training uses queues

@FebinKAndrews For Advanced Certification it’s not mandatory to use orchestrator queues or ReFramework. but it was advised to do for your learning purpose.

Thanks a lot. I was referring to main certification.

Thanks a lot. I was referring to main certification. do we need to use re-framework for exam ?


Thanks a lot. I was referring to main certification. can we get passed even without re-framework ?

You mean to say certification platform?
There you need to use.

Hi @FebinKAndrews,

I understand you are concerned about the certification exam, for your benefit I would say consider this opportunity as an investment time for your career to learn about UiPath. REFramework is one of the key components and knowing how to work with it - inside and out would be very useful for your projects.

Also, I’m sharing you the description of the certification to help you understand:

“The Certificate attests that the graduate has attained in-depth knowledge about the UiPath components and features. It also validates the graduate’s ability to successfully automate a real-life project based on UiPath best practices and automation principles, thus being qualified to fulfill any of the key roles in an RPA Center of Excellence.”

Hope you got the idea bro, Happy Automating!



afraid not, you need to use it, once you’ve cracked it it will all make perfect sense i promise

True!. I started going through and find why it in place. just wondering whether 3.5 hours is enough to complete a full assignment or not. - i am taking days while learning

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