Sample use cases for Advance Certification


I am looking forward to go ahead for taking UI Path advance certification exam next month, can anyone please share me the sample (type of) practical (hands on) use cases those are expected?

And, is it mandatory to use RE Framework and Orchestrator for any of the practical question asked in order to pass the exam?



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The basic use case uses the Framework yes. So you should practice using that.

You don’t need to use Orchestrator, but I believe you can if you wish.

You should practice use cases which involve loading information from a source, maybe a website, to create a queue of transactions which need processed via the framework.

if you complete the assignment of level 3 then advance certification will be almost similar.

Hi @Ram0803

Yes it is mandatory to use REFramework but if you finished all the exam it is easy for you to take the exam

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Thank you all for your inputs… it really helped me to get an overview idea. :v: