Advanced RPA developer certification

Are we using Queue concept for this assignment? If we are using then in PDD have not mentioned anything about queue and how to use Get Transaction item in this assignmet?

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I hope we need to and it would be mentioned in the PDD as well
Kindly check once or share the document here so that we could tell you where details of it

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Are you talking about assignments in Level 3 Advanced Training certification ?

Just i downloaded from google which someone uploaded.

No, RPA Developer advanced certification.


For this, they won’t provide any PDD document and all. They will give one usecase to us and will mention some points what to do. If they mention to use Orchestrator Queue then we have to use else no need.

Yes, exactly even i thought same but most of the people are saying to use orchestrator and queues.



It’s depends on tasks they gave to us. It’s not mandatory for all tasks. But start learn about Orchestrator Queues also.

You should be ready with any kind of tasks they gave to us because we can’t skip it and also don’t have to more attempts right.

@lakshman and @Palaniyappan Can you please advise if I can use Queues for the Advanced Certification exam even if they mention to use a Worklist. I am just comfortable using Queues.



If they mention to use Queue then you use it else not needed.

Will points be reduced if I use Queues instead of Work items?


No. It is not like that.

Anyways you are comfortable with Queue’s right. So you use it and then may be you will get more points.

I guess they provided one Excel document already and check it once. Based on that they provide Grading. Please go through below attached document.

AdvancedCertification-GradingScheme.xlsx (12.9 KB)

@lakshman They have not mentioned about using Queues in the grading pattern though. I will go with Queues. If they reduce marks, will take exam again.

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Ok but why you are taking that risk ?

Do it as mentioned in the usecase only and if you want to do same with Orchestrator Queues then you can try same later.