RE Framework and Uipath community version

Is it necessary to use REFramework to pass the certification exam?
If so, I need your help to understand that.

I’m trying to do an exercise with 1. UiDemo Walkthrough and can not Connect to Que in Orchestrator.“Orchestrator information is not available…”. when i try add item to Que.
I use Uipath in community version and acount on UiPath Platform.
I did the Dispatcher and I want to check if it adds items to the queue from excel file.

There is someone who would like to help me take a step forward ?
I have read some threads on this forum but without enlightenment unfortunately :frowning:

first you need to create one queue in queue session and then use same to add item into queue (What ever the queue name that uou have create write same queue name in data/config file)

it was that :slight_smile:
my mind, is not it that I use community studio ?

i did tutorials from level 2 of the course again and
my machines still have the “disconnected” status
although I am doing exactly the same as in video.

if you queues will work when your robot is connected to orchestraor

what is problem that you are facing while connecting

I installed UiPath studio again
I refreshed the community license and now the uirobot connects to the orhestrator.
there is also no error message when running the framework.
so I keep trying to understand his use :frowning: