Is it possible to pass Level 3 Advanced Training - UiDemo using REFamework but without using Orchestrator?

Hi Guys,

I’m curious is it possible to pass this topic or even the further project with using REFamework but w/o Orchestrator, since my company purchased the studio without orchestrator.

Right now, I’m trying to use the activity “Add queue item”, but it looks like has to cooperate with orchestrator. Am I right?

Presently, I passed the Level-1 and working on Level-3 without level 2.
I knew the basic knowledge about the orchestrator but since my company, we don’t have the orchestrator so I’m sorry but skipped it, after finishing the certification I’ll come back for it.
So what should I suppose to do if I want to pass the courses and the further UiPath Advanced RPA Developer Certification?

Thanks in advance.


Hello, unfortunately you can’t pass the Level 3 nor the Certification, without Orchestrator. What i would suggest, is that you use the Community version of the Orchestrator…

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Thanks for the reply.

I have a question, can I use Community Orchestrator with the Enterprise Studio(we purchased it)?

Is it enable to connect together?


Honsetly, i don’t know ! But i think so, since it’s just connecting it to your studio while using it to learn or pass your certification…

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Thank you for your help.

I’ll try to connect them together first, hope It can be used for passing the course or certification.

If there’s any information, I’ll update here.

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For sure, any time :slight_smile: