UiDemo_Walkthrough Assignment

HI All,
I Have started UiDemo_Walkthrough Assignment, I am going through the PDF provided by Academy.
I am confused reading the PDF.
I am doing as per pdf, started in RE Framework , in that I took new sequence as they told in PDF as told.
when I came to edit argument , how should I use it?
can any one help me lift me to understand the PDF.
thank you in advance…

hi vinod

FYR, I have attached the screen shots.

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Thank you very much Prabhu…

Hey guys! I got a doubt related to this walk through. In this walk through, he instructed to create a new sequence called “Dispatcher - UploadQueue”. He also told that for ease of testing he will include it in Performer itself. For performer, he suggested to use “Framework”. My doubt is, how and where should i add this new sequence? In the framework? or new blank project? If it is a framework, it is a statemachine and i am really getting confused. Can anyone explain.

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