UiDemo Walkthrough

Hello, i’m new to UiPath… Still learning!

I’m trying to do the walkthrough UiDemo, but i’m stuck, can’t figure out what to do first, i’m not realy sure where i have to create the first sequence?

Can someone please, walk me through the UiDemo level, so i can figure out how the framework works!

Thank you in advance!


Hi there @mz3bel

If you link the video you are following I’m more than happy to lend some assistance :slight_smile:


Thank you @Jamcol

I’m following this PDF Walkthrough, trying to unterstand how to use the framework so i can follow up with the tutorial.

d86948730787ecbf217dd641993c919118e3524d.pdf (614.8 KB)

Morning @mz3bel

Sorry for the slow response i was caught up on Friday and then the weekend arrived :slight_smile:

Just wondering, have you done the foundation/orchestrator training on the academy website?


Hello @Jamcol

No worries! Yes i’ve done both foundation and orchestrator. (Twice orchestrator).


Ok, so building on these two levels of training, level 3 (advanced) introduced the REFramework. The key concept of this is using two separate processes. One process (the dispatcher) is used to do any pre-processing of the items and add them into a queue. for example, reading an excel, filtering out any rows you don’t want to add to queue and then adding the remaining items.

The other process (the performer) is used to then do whatever actions you wish to on said items. Hopefully this now makes more sense.

However, for THIS demo you do not need both processes and it asks you to create it in one whilst still referring to dispatcher/performer, i appreciate this adds confusion. To begin with you will want to read the excel file and add the items to queue for each row, there is an activity you should be familiar with to do this :slight_smile: pages 1 & 2 walk you through this.

Inside the framework you will see a number of “invoke workflow” activities. this is where the main process work will be occurring. open these workflows and see what they currently do/are meant to do,sometimes the clue is in the name. Inside of these workflows is where you should put your process work. an example of this could be the InitAllApplications workflow file. this will involve opening and logging into any applications you wish to use.

Hope this makes more sense now? i appreciate the step up is quite steep from level 2 to 3, im working throughout the day but if you ping me on here i can get back to you if i get some free time :slight_smile:


Hello @Jamcol

Thanks for the reply. I tried to follow up, but still stuck on it.


Hi Mohssine.,

I also really struggled with how or where to start.

This is how I managed to get through it:

  1. Open the ReFrameWork file in UiPath Studio. In the projects tab, you should see all the workflows included, eg. InItAllApplications, GetAppCredentials, etc. Your “Main” workflow space should still be empty.

  2. Create a new sequence by going to “New > Sequence” and name it Dispatcher_UploadQueue. This is where you will build out your sequence as per the walkthrough. Notice that this workflow is now also listed in the projects tab alongside the rest of the workflows.

  3. Once the dispatcher workflow is complete, you will create a new sequence for the UiDemoLogin just as you did for the Dispatcher and this, too, will appear in the projects tab.

All the workflows in the projects tab can be a bit overwhelming at first but just ignore them until the walkthrough tell you to use them.

I hope this helps!


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Hey Nicolette,

Thanks for you response.

I have figure out some of the walkthrough, but i’m stuck with some issues.

First, in the login workflow it doesn’t get the corrects credentials.

Than, i’m stuck on the begining of page 6 of the walkthrough.

Can you please help!

Thanks in advance

Hi Mohssine,

Have you made sure the below steps are correctly executed in your workflow:

  1. Import your arguments in the Invoke GetAppCredentials activity. They should look like this:

  2. Create the In_Credential argument in the arguments pane as per below (this has to match the value of the imported In_Credential argument in the above step) :

  3. Created the local variables (make sure these match the values in the imported arguments):

  4. List the username in the credentials asset in the config file:

  5. Your secure password needs to be listed in the properties pane in your “TypeSecureText” activity under Input > SecureText “no quotation marks”:

  6. Create the asset in orchestrator (make sure it matches the name in the config file):

  7. Check your robot is online:

This is how I got it to work for me. I hope it helps you!

As for page 6, I am stuck there too. If I hard code the UiDemo path into the workflow it works but I cannot get it to pull from the config file. Please let me know if you figure this part out!



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