Advanced Developer - Assignment-1 UiDemo

Hi All,

I have started looking into Assignment - 1 of advanced developer level 3. Had couple of questions after reviewing the assignment wanted clarification to ensure i am on right track

  1. create two automation projects. Let’s name them Dispatcher and Performer. should both the projects be created using Re Framework ?
  2. The very first things we need to do are firstly to rename the folder “ReFramework_UiDemo”, and secondly, to edit the Project.json file in the root folder. Let’s change the name to “UiPath_REFrameWork_UiDemo”…? but i could not find a folder “ReFramework_UiDemo" i could only find “Frameowork” folder inside Re Framework Project.



Yes, Create projects using REFramework only.

Are you created this folder inside your project folder or not ?

Thanks lakshman

Do i need create a new folder or rename existing “Framework” folder from above screenshot


Yes, if you want you can rename the folder and change the same in process where ever you found Framework\WorkflowName

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