Level 3 - Advanced Training - UiDemo walkthrough

Is anyone else having trouble understanding how this document is put together and constructing the solution based on what it tells you in the document?

d86948730787ecbf217dd641993c919118e3524d.pdf (614.8 KB)


Completely lost, have no idea how to follow this.

I too am lost.

This document is poorly put together and the text does not seem to match the images and the workflows in the framework :frowning:

@ColinCrabtree I asked about this walkthrough in a separate topic and got a pretty solid answer which helped start me off. but now I am stuck at running the dispatcher - it’s not executing for some reason.

Hi @Mitchell_Binder. thanks for the reply. I eventually muddled through the exercise and was able to load all the test data in the Orchestrator Queue and that part works well.

I am now at the point that I have created all the components to get the items from the Queue to process. However my WF falls over at a certain point. When I run Main it works fine to the point it runs initallsettings, gets all the settings, constants and assets from the excel config file. But as it comes out of initiallsettings there is an add log activity that falls over.

If I remove this activity, the WF runs along fine again and goes into initiallapplications, starts the Uidemo.exe from the path it retrieved from the Orchestrator assets, types in the username and password as well from the info it got from getcredentials and opens up the main input screen. However it then falls over at the get transaction item as following point.

I have not been able to get a solution from anyone as to what is wrong. :frowning:

@Mitchell_Binder @Mitchell_Binder @Rahim_Pradhan or anyone help me
I’m also facing difficulties while reading the uidemo walkthrough. Please help me

Right now, i have this in my config file.
Name - Value - Description
OrchestratorQueueName - KibanaDemoQueue - Orchestrator Queue Name. Be sure to match this name with the one from the server.

logF_BusinessProcessName - Framework - This is a logging field which allows you to group the log data of two or more subprocesses under the same business process name

But in training pdf, they say. The Settings sheet should look like this:

What should i do now ?

Hello @Nanda_RPA. For the first part of your question about the orchestrator Queues name.

In the config you have your name as KibanaDemoQueue. All you need then is to set up a queue in the Orchestrator with the same name. The screen shot below is from my orchestrator queue and config file entry showing names the same.

for the second part on the credentials I used what you can see in the config file screen shot and it works for me.

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This has been resolved. i had not set the out_config

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