UI Robot not "installing" available process

Hello friends, my first post here.

I’m having an issue with UI Robot.

After publishing a workflow, it shows the available package, but after clicking the update button, nothing happens.

I’m not getting the “play” button to actually run the process from the Ui Robot.

The process works perfectly fine from UI Studio.

I tried restarting the Robot, the computer, deleting published packages and publishing another one, anothing helps.

Any ideas?

UiStudio v2018.2.3



Hey @nycklander you need to provision your robot from orchestrator and then you can run manually and on schedule. You can check orchestrator help on how to provision robot or see orchestrator training video.

If you still need any help then I would happy to help you.

Check your robot is connected to Orchestration or not if it connected then disconnect it and check once.

Hi nycklander,

Can you go to Start > Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application and see what errors are logged by UiPath when trying to press that update button in robot tray?