Unable to publish project to new orchestrator tenant

Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble with my newly created tenant. When I try to publish a project to Orchestrator from Studio, Studio tells me the project was successfully published, but the package doesn’t appear under the packages tab in my tenant on Orchestrator. Could someone help me out? Thanks

I would verify that your security is allowing you to publish.

@michael.bachkabakian Please check your “Uipath Robot service” is running, If not connect your robot to Orchestractor and then publish the package agian.

So I just checked my installed programs and for some reason I don’t have the uipath assistant/ robot tray installed. I thought it should have automatically been installed with studio. Also i there a way to install just the uipath assistant? or do i have to uninstall studio and reinstall everything?

Yes Uipath robot/assistance installed along with Studio.
Check UiRobot/Uipath Agent present in your uipath studio installed directory, If not uninstall and reinstall the Studio.